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Rape on Public Transportation in Multicultural California


Cop Charged With Plotting to Kidnap, Rape, and Eat Women


 Beware of Riding Multicultural New York's Subway


Baltimore Public Transportation Becomes Dangerous for Passengers


Another Illegal Alien Charged With Sexual Assault of Child


HIspanic Clown Entertainer Sentenced for Child Rape


Hispanic Charged in Horrific Sulfuric Acid Attack on Woman


Third Worlder Sentenced for Rape of 6 Year-Old Girl


Third World Fake Medical Procedure Kills Man


Third Worlder Charged in Sex With Donkey


Third World 'Dentist' in Miami Mangles Teen Girl's Mouth


Third Worlder Charged in Bizarre WalMart Incident


Another Third Worlder Charged in Airline Groping Incident 


Repeat Illegal Border Crosser Arrested Fondling Himself Near School Children


Iranian Immigrant Kills Three Family Members


Detroit Court Closes After Appearance by Bug-Infested Witness


Third Worlder Accused of Groping Female Airline Passenger


Ethnic Clerk Suspected of Leaking Police Info to Ethnic Gang in L.A.


The New Multicultural Florida: Third Worlders in Police Dispute


Hispanic Driving Habits Endanger Citizens


Sicko Illegal Alien Abuses Toddlers


Horror in Detroit: Dumping Ground for Murder Victims


Beware of Hailing Cabs in Multicultural New York City


Beware of Seatmates on Airliners


More Third World 'Medicine' in Florida


Hispanic Border Agent Groped Female Detainees


Fisherman Finds Body Parts Floating in Detroit River


Third World-style Dysfunctional Government Comes to California City


'Tribal Warfare' Erupts in Chicago


Crime Rampant in Multicultural N.Y. Public Pool


Hispanic Gang Terrorizes N.Y. Parks and Playgrounds


Mexican Drug Cartels Now Operate Even in Small Towns in U.S.


Beware of Restaurants With Diverse Clientele -- Brawl Caught on Video


Third Worlder Reportedly Attacks Taco Customer


Another Eruption: Savages Run Wild in Portland


20 Illegals Living in Single Texas House


Rampaging Black Mobs on the Prowl in Chicago


Third Worlder Charged With Performing Denistry Without License


Gang Violence Among the Hmong


Another Third Worlder Charged With Hit and Run


Mexican Gang Crimes Erupt in New York City


Third Worlder Accused of Cannibalism in Maryland


Video Report: Black Teen Mobs Terrorize Downtown Baltimore


 Video Report: 12 Year-Old Sexually Attacked in Miami School

Dallas Restaurant Gives Free Pizza for Ordering in Spanish

Illegal Alien Kills 4-Year Old

New Mexico Town Succumbs to Third World-style Politics

Get Ready For Bearded Cops Wearing Turbans

State Official Warns of Black Mob Attacks in Baltimore

Man (Nationality Unreported) in Santa Ana, Cal., Guilty of Sex With 7 Year-Old Neighbor

Public Utilities Vandalized in New York City, Where Population is Majority Foreign Born

Third World Conditions Appear in Norfolk, Virginia, as White Couple
Is Beaten by Mob 

   The Beginning of the Breakdown

The JFK International Airport in New York City, whose majority population is foreign-born, is not a good place to trust with your luggage. CBS News reported that valuables in passengers' luggage are being stolen "at a staggering rate."  Thefts from luggage are being reported at more than 200 incidents per day.  The thieves are all airport and airline workers, say investigators.  "Baggage handlers, jetway workers, and even security people are all in on the ongoing scam to steal you blind," CBS said. "The belly of the airplane has become like a flea market for airport employees," said JFK security lawyer Kenneth Mollins.  Sometimes thieves rifle though baggage looking for valuables, other times they steal the entire bag. When that happens, "the airlines say they are lost in transit."

The Breakdown Continues

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being stolen by organized gangs in a massive, city-wide federal tax scam in Tampa, Florida.  Crime gangs are stealing Social Security numbers and filing false tax returns to get refunds amounting to millions of dollars, police say.  "Out in the street, everybody is doing it," said Police Chief Jane Castor.  "We're hearing stories about high school kids doing this.  It's just incredible. I've been in law enforcement for 28 years, and this is the most insanely massive violation of the law that I've seen." Criminals bribe employees of businesses where personal information is kept, such as medical offices, hosptials, schools, and assisted living facilities. In one case, police found more than 200 tax refunds being sent to a single address. The problem is too big for local law enforcement to handle.  "It's a no-win situation," said Castor. "We could put our entire police force on this now, and we're not going to keep up."

Americans Need Guards to Visit Their Own Park

In some Third World countries, the governments do not have complete control of their territory, leaving parts of the land under domination by outlaw gangs or revolutionaries.  Those conditions now occur in the U.S.  Because of the government's failure to protect U.S. border territory from Mexican gangsters, tourists visiting the 330,000-acre Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southern Arizona must be accompanied by federal officers armed with assault rifles.   One popular tourist site, the park's Quitobaquito Spring, which is a natural oasis in the desert, has been closed to the public for many years because the area is controlled by drug gangs.  It can only be visited when escorted by armed guards.  Said Patrick O'Driscoll, a National Park Service spokesman: "Because it's a closed area ... we have to take basic precautions when we go in.  It's maybe a little like a detail protecting the president."